Pink Turns Violet

So this was a fun little exercise with color. I had some time to spare yesterday after running errands, and decided to break out my lights and a bowl of blackberries (one of my very favorite things to eat) and play for the few minutes that I had left before sitting down to supper.

The backdrop I used is actually a very light baby pink background I had ordered from Ink & Elm, and actually looks like this:

I changed the white balance in my camera to the florescent setting, and with the color temperature from the flash (which is warmer than florescent), the final result turned out to be this groovy violet color that matched the blackberries perfectly.

Something a little different, something a bit more graphic than what I normally shoot, but it’s always fun to experiment and see what happens.

And now I gotta run. Today our boy is turning twenty years old (!!) and I have a pumpkin sheet cake to bake and presents to wrap. Hope you all have a happy Saturday!