It Happens at the Strangest Times

Ever have one of those Wild Creative Ideas while working on something totally unrelated?

I baked David’s weekly batch of chocolate chip cookies yesterday, and was letting them cool on the counter while I worked on the pictures I’d taken over the weekend of a national motorcycle rally that happens in Fayetteville every September. As I was working on them, I was mentally planning out the photo I was going to take of the freshly baked cookies (because, why not, right?) and was composing an image of something nice and simple and “safe”.

My usual approach to food photography.

But as I was editing my 100th motorcycle, an image of cookies stacked on a saucer with chocolate chips raining down all around them popped into my head, and before I knew it, I found myself in the baking aisle at the grocery store picking up two bags of chocolate chips, coming back home and setting up the sawhorses in the garage I use for my surfaces, hauling out lights and gear and the tripod as I began raining chocolate chips over the stack of cookies as the camera’s self-timer fired away.

Crazy the ideas you can get while working on something totally unrelated.

And boy, you should’ve seen all the chocolate chips that wound up on the garage floor!