My Life List

(My own personal version of a Bucket List )

  1.  Learn to tap dance

  2. Travel to Mongolia

  3. Photograph Rampage

  4. Plant, nurture, and keep a rose bush alive for at least two years

  5. Run the Pike Peaks Half Marathon

  6. Take a cake decorating class

  7. Photograph an underwater coral reef

  8. Photograph Crankworx

  9. Learn to scuba dive

  10. Paddleboard in Florida

  11. Move to Montana

  12. Make homemade salsa with all fresh ingredients

  13. Go back to the U.K.

  14. Train a dog

  15. Make sourdough bread

  16. Re-landscape our front yard, just me and my boys

  17. Travel across the U.S.

  18. Take a hot air balloon ride

  19. Visit the hot air balloon festival in New Mexico

  20. Get a tattoo.

  21. Become an expert baker

  22. Travel Route 66 with David

  23. Attend a Summit Adventure workshop

  24. Visit Israel

  25. Travel to Morocco

  26. Learn how to shear a sheep

  27. Ride an elephant

  28. Visit Legoland in Denmark

  29. See the band U2 in Ireland

  30. Witness the Northern Lights

  31. Travel to Alaska and photograph grizzly bears

  32. Photograph mountain bikers during the Golden Hour in Colorado

  33. Have a photograph of mine published in National Geographic

  34. To do 50 pushups without stopping and 10 pull ups without stopping

  35. Master home made pie crust

  36. Photograph behind-the-scenes life at a bakery

  37. Go camping overnight at the Buffalo River

  38. Visit the Rock-&-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio

  39. Travel the backroads of Arkansas and the Southern Delta, taking portraits of the people I meet along the way

  40. Visit Sarajevo and Bosnia

  41. Photograph ballet dancers

  42. Learn swing dancing

  43. To have my own photo studio

  44. Witness the wild mustangs of the western United States

  45. Photograph the Kentucky Derby