Scenes From a Bike Festival

David and I spent Saturday afternoon in Bentonville attending the inaugural Oz Trails Off Road Bike Festival. The festival took over the town square and featured three different distance races: 25, 35 or 50-ish miles each. Racers from all over the country descended upon Bentonville to compete and to celebrate all things mountain bike. There were vendor tents with brightly colored tops touting their brand, food trucks, dogs, small kids, friends gathered together re-hashing their races that they had participated in, beer gardens, BMX stuntmen flying high against the blue sky, music, announcers calling out the racers as they crossed the finish line, caked in mud, happy and relieved exhaustion written across their faces.

Afterwards, David and I stopped at a local coffee shop for a coffee shake, which was quite possibly life changing. I finished up David’s, who said it tasted too “coffee-y” for him.

As if there were such a thing.

It was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.