New Looks, New Stories

You may have noticed a new design and a new name for this space. After a lot of pondering during my morning runs (where I seem to be do my best thinking),  I decided to change things up around here. I want to focus more on what it is that goes on in my life, whether that's helping prepare Joe for Life After High School, joining David on a spur of the moment motorcycle tour of Arkansas or having a Girls Day Out with Meghan. Some days you'll find me courtside shooting basketball or trailside shooting my boys mountain biking, other days you will find me in my kitchen making a mess as I bake a new cake. Throw in Langley the Black Lab and you'll find our life is pretty much a "grab-your-seat-and-hold-on-for-the-ride" kind of life.

So will this be an Action/Food/Life blog or a Life/Action/Food blog or a Food/Life/Action blog? This will be all of the above and maybe a bit more, thus the meaning behind the new name, "Katie Bar The Door!"