A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Austin's mother asking me if I could do a photoshoot for her son.

But Austin didn't want it to be a regular photoshoot.

Austin is an avid mountain biker, having raced in most of the previous races David and I have shot over the summer this year. He belongs to NICA, a national mountain biking organization for junior high and high school students and spends up to ten hours a day on the weekends riding his bike on the various trail systems in our area.

Last Sunday, David and I met up with Austin and his parents on his favorite trail and spent the afternoon taking his pictures and shooting video as he flew through the air, whizzed by on the dirt and making his mother hide her eyes at some of the stuff he was doing. 

He's an amazing kid, not just on his bike, but he is polite, courteous, enthusiastic and just plain old nice. I don't know who was more disappointed when the session was over, David and myself or Austin. 

I'm looking forward to watching Austin grow as a rider and a young man, and expect to see him at the World Enduro Series in the near future. Thank you, Austin, for a beautiful and fun filled afternoon.