bella vista enduro race

The other day, I emailed a friend of mine about a recall that Nikon had put out that concerned our cameras. She wrote back, thanking me, and at the end of her email, she mentioned " . . . you have settled into a great place, a very creative space where you really listen to your heart and it shows in your work." 

I was touched by her words, and feel that yes, I have settled into a great place with my photography. I've been trying new things and slowly but surely overcoming my fear of "But-what-if-they-laugh-at-me-or-say-no?" I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my skin and in calling myself a Photographer.

And I never felt more comfortable or at home with myself than last Sunday shooting the latest race put on by the Arkansas Enduro Series out along the Back 40 Trail system, about an hour's drive north of Fayetteville. The weather was beautiful, the early morning sunlight glinting off cobwebs lining the dirt trails and glancing off the handlebars of the riders as they flew by David and myself. There were plenty of whoops and hollers echoing through the little valleys as the racers jumped their bikes off of drops, as well as plenty of "oh, s***!" when unprepared racers came up on unexpected obstacles in the trail. There were crashes as well. I heard one rider yell from a small ravine after his bike wheels skidded off course and he went tumbling, "I'm okay! I've still got all my teeth!". There were less fortunate riders, however, that needed to be carried out on stretchers suffering from mild concussions and other injuries. 

Seeing the first serious injured racer being carried off really drove home the fact that bike helmets can save your life. I just wish more people understood how important they are. 

The next Enduro race is August 18-19, and I'm sure it will be as thrilling and exhausting and hot and dirty and as fun as this race was. 

I can't wait.

For more race pictures that David and I took, please click on this link: "Bella Vista Enduro-July 2018".