A Thank You Celebration

Wednesday night, David and I drove up to Bentonville to a popular pub for a thank you celebration put on by Gravitas Racing, a local enduro racing team, for everyone responsible for the amazing mountain biking that's available in northwest Arkansas. Northwest Arkansas has become a destination for mountain bikers from all over the country; in fact, Dave and I rode some trails this morning, and as we pulled into the last trailhead, we met a father and three sons from Texas that had driven up to ride some of the trails for the weekend. 

And I made it down in one piece today without any falling over or cuts and bruises! I'm making progress (but it's still as scary as hell)!

Wednesday evening was filled with meeting new people and making new friends, babies and dogs, happy barkeepers and icy cold beer. There was music and food trucks and quite a crowd. Awards were given out later in the evening to those groups that created the mountain bike community here in our little corner of Arkansas. It was fun mingling with all the different people and just having a nice relaxing evening with David. It isn't often that we go out on a "school night", but it sure was a lot of fun being a grown up!