pictures of my life

Lunch with my best friend, the type of friend that will ask you if she has guacamole smeared on her forehead as you're trying to politely eat a really messy and a really drippy grilled cheese sandwich and not having much success, cheese smeared all over your hands and arms. You look at her and you both burst into laughter because she gets you and you get her and you both love each other for all your quirks and weirdness.

Playing with new lighting modifiers and losing track of time. Always a wonderful thing to happen, knowing that you're so immersed in learning new things that time stops and stands still.

Mountain biking and daisies blooming and locals cleaning out ponds and hanging out on street corners. A found feather, milk and cookies and a food shoot that went well, my first one.  

And decisions rolling around in my head as to where to take my photography next, as well as this space.