down a dirt road

I grew restless and bored Tuesday afternoon, so I grabbed my camera, got in my car, hit Highway 16 and headed west towards Oklahoma.

I drove past Lake Wedington and spotted a man stand up paddle boarding on the quiet water. 

I passed cows in pastures with their new calves, all huddled in the shade avoiding the heat, tails swishing in each other's faces in an attempt to keep the flies away.

The clouds billowed like towers over the hills as I drove along the winding road.

The radio played in the background of my thoughts, me not really thinking much, just watching the scenery going past my windows.

I find the dirt road I want, but drive past it because ahead there is a bridge I've always been curious to drive across to see what's on the other side. I continue to drive west until Highway 16 intersected with Highway 59 and I decide that I didn't want to go north or south, so I turn around and head back east to my dirt road I picked out and turn on to it.

Clouds of dust and dirt fog up behind me, and I tell myself that I'll need a carwash later this week. I stop periodically to take pictures, but none of them really do justice to the beauty of an Arkansas afternoon in the country.

I glance at the dashboard clock and see that I need to head back home. I had told Meghan that I would come over and help her begin packing up her apartment in preparation for her move this coming weekend to a cute new apartment off the Square downtown. 

I get to her place and am greeted with hugs and smiles from her. We always seem to pick up right where we left off the last time we were together. I'm so happy she is a just stone's throw away from home.

Her cat wraps himself around my legs, purring and incessantly meowing. He complains a lot, but he's a good boy for the most part.

He's also quite a ham, sticking his tongue out when he sees my camera pointed down at him.

Meghan and I sort her clothes, dividing and conquering her closet, then we sit and talk about everything and nothing at all, as we usually do, until almost seven in the evening. I give her a final hug, pet Sam, telling him to be a good boy, and walk down the stairs to my car.

It was a good day for a drive down a dirt road.