An Afternoon in the Park

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to tag along on a photoshoot with a friend I met through a Facebook group we both belong to. Sharon is house mother at one of the sororities on campus, and she was going to shoot Kailey, a sophomore majoring in psychology. Sharon had created two beautiful costumes, one made of tulle and the other (thinking outside the box, but really, really cool!) made out of a space blanket.

Sometimes I wish I was more artsy craft-sy and better with the sewing machine, but I suppose I'm just lucky that I made it out of Home Economics alive and in one piece!

Kailey was a wonderful model, posing this way and that, letting me practice on her with my home made prism, dipping her toes in the creek for us despite the chilly waters and breaking into some dance moves when a far off radio started playing one of her favorite songs. Francia, our trusty assistant and fellow sorority sister to Kailey, held the reflector and help schlep our bags and gear from spot to spot. She was a hoot.

It was a beautiful afternoon full of fun, laughter, and a near disaster involving myself, my bare feet and slipping in the creek (I had no idea I could still do the splits at 52 years of age, but I got the shot!). I had so much fun.

Thank you, Kailey, Francia and most of all, Sharon, for letting me play in the park with you!