Storm Trooper Project

What began as a way to better learn about light and shadow, quickly morphed into a never ending personal project for me in 2014 when I began the Storm Trooper Project. I came across the idea of shooting toys from a fellow photographer I discovered one mindless afternoon cruising the Internet. It was the way she used natural light in her toy photography that caught my interest. The subjects (which were anything from Woody from the movie Toy Story to small plastic toys you'd find in a McDonald's Happy Meal) would be spotlighted with beautiful golden sun surrounded by dark shadows or there might be sparkly bokeh in the background, that gorgeous blurriness that adds such richness to a photograph.

Early one morning in the fall of 2014, I took my first photograph of a Lego Storm Trooper, borrowed from Joe's vast collection of Lego Star Wars Minifigures. I began with a Clone Trooper, but discovered that I liked the Storm Trooper character better.

He just looked a little bit cuter to me.

My Storm Trooper has been on lots of adventures since this project was born. He's been to Utah twice, California once, Minnesota and Wisconsin just this past summer. He loves mountain biking and stand up paddle boarding. He's been to the grocery store and the public library. He loves the farmer's market  He's a great help in the kitchen and loves relaxing at the piano. He stands in for me as a (very teeny tiny) model for me when I'm figuring out lighting. He likes to reside on my desk in a blue Adirondack chair I found for him in the doll house section at Hobby Lobby, and his twin lives inside my purse. He's been fairly quiet these last few months due to lots of things happening in my own life, but today he made a come back, helping me (and becoming quite tangled up) in the kitchen while I made homemade spaghetti. 

I hope to start bringing him out of hibernation more and begin our adventures once again.

He's a fun little dude.

I made a tab up in the navigation bar if you'd like to see more of what all he's gotten into.