Our girls met on the first day of 6th grade, both a little scared in their new school. How they met has become legend between the four of us, but we still love to tell the story of one dark haired girl asking the light haired girl if she'd like a pencil eraser at lunch time, then the two of them proceeded to eat together but both too shy to speak to each other. My little girl came home that afternoon announcing that she met a very nice girl but she couldn't remember her name. She remembered it the next day and ever since, Meghan (my little blondie) and Allegra (Dana's little brunette) have been inseparable.

Until this week when Allegra hit the road with her father, bound for Los Angeles and grad school at Stella Adler.

Monday night was the last night the four of us would hang out till Christmas. It was filled with laughter, goofiness, strawberry cake and bittersweet happiness, not much reminiscing because we wanted to remember the now that we were in. You can't help but be happy when you're around Dana and Allegra. Whenever I leave one of them or both of them, I feel refreshed and as though I can conquer anything. They fill you up with happiness. They just can't help it.

I love Dana and Allegra like family and in many ways, Dana is a second momma to my Meghan, even calling her "Meggers" just like I did when she was little.  When we had the terrible ice storm in 2009 and so many here in town lost power, we "kidnapped" Allegra and had her come stay with us for a week since we had power and she did not. Dana would've done the same for Meghan, I know. We love each other's girls as though they were our own.

Through the drama of middle school and high school, moving into their college dorm room and watching them graduate college and seeing them dive into their real lives now, it's hard to think back to the time when one dark haired little girl asked a light haired little girl if she'd like a pencil eraser and not marvel at the beautiful gift that friendship truly is.

I miss my dark haired little girl already.