And Then There Were Three

Earlier this month, I discovered a robin's nest in our pine tree, more or less right on eye level with me, and I began documenting it with my camera. I chose different times of the day, some early, early in the morning at sunrise, other times late in the evening at sunset, as well as those hours in between to photograph all the comings and goings of the parents. Momma Robin would often fuss and scold me while I took the two minutes or so to take pictures of her babies inside the nest, but I think she grew a timid trust of me when she saw that I wasn't going to hurt the eggs.  I have to admit that I've grown really fond of this little family, stopping to say "hello" to the momma and checking to make sure that they survived all the severe storms we've been having this May. It's been a lot of fun keeping up with this project and I can't wait to see the babies take their first flying lessons, but seeing that they've just now opened their eyes, that might be a few weeks. And Langley the Lab has been told in no uncertain terms to leave those little baby robins alone.