Get Your Motor Running

Joe has made it known to us that he'd like to learn how to ride a motorcycle. He says he feels safer on one than in a car, that he can use his peripheral vision better, and that he doesn't really have to worry about other passengers as much. Saturday afternoon, after David put a fresh new battery in his BMW R1200 GS and drove it around the block to kick off Adventure Season (a.k.a. "Motorcycle Season At Last!"), Joe climbed into the saddle and had his first lesson. 

I was right there with my camera not wanting to miss a single moment, taking me back to when the kids were little and I didn't want to miss a big milestone or just a silly lunch time. Joe did super for his first time out. He never got above 5 mph or shifted gears (although later in the afternoon he somehow popped an accidental tiny little wheelie, much to his surprise and David's delight). He only tipped over three times, never getting hurt (we all are finatical about wearing helmets, whether it be skateboarding, bike riding or motorcycling. The kids were shocked when we moved to AR. and discovered that there isn't a helmet law in place), but David's bike is built for off-road riding and is built like a tank, weighing in at a svelte 600 pounds (give or take. The official weight is in kilograms, so . . . yeah, whatever those are translated into poundage. It's just easier to guess 600 pounds. 😉). I feel good letting Joe practice on it, and David is a wonderful teacher, having ridden motorcycles most of his life and taken numerous defensive driving courses; plus, he has the patience of a saint. 

Naturally, there are a lot more lessons in store before Joe is allowed to ride on his own, but David and I think he's off to a pretty good start. Who knows, maybe he'll have his own motorbike in the near future. Vroom, vroom . . . .!