Light Practice

Meghan is a wonderful model for me, willing to pose for as long as I need her to, letting me practice my lighting skills (or lack thereof) for as long as I'd like. She had horrible allergies Saturday when she came over for our little session, but worked with me for most of the afternoon, choking down Robitussin and blowing her nose in between takes. I've been working on backlighting with a single flash, as well as rim lighting (the first B&W image below) for several weeks and I think Saturday I finally nailed it. It feels so incredibly good to accomplish a technique that I first saw in a video and on the Internet, to see the images that I've had in my head since January actually come to life in front of my eyes and know that I figured it out by myself. 

It also helps having a beautiful daughter willing to stand patiently in front of my camera for an hour, sniffling and feeling miserable, but still laughing and having fun with me. It was a great way to spend a rainy, snowy, cold Saturday afternoon.