He took it upon himself to clean his computer. As he took off the back and tested the air flow, Joe made sure to remind me that whenever you do a job like this, you always need to keep one hand on the metal frame to help prevent electrocution. "It keeps you grounded".

If there was ever a kid that is more grounded than Joe, I'd like to meet him.

Joe is getting his wisdom teeth taken out tomorrow, all four of them, three of which are impacted. The pantry is stocked with apple sauce and oatmeal, the fridge is full of yogurts and puddings and there are ice packs and ice cream in the freezer. He's not so worried about the surgery itself, he's more concerned about what he's going to be saying as he comes to after the procedure. He's been rather nervous about it ever since his consultation this past Monday that we had with the oral surgeon.

He'll be okay. Remember, as long as you keep your hand on the metal frame to keep you grounded, you'll be okay.