The Moments

There are moments during my day when I focus on breathing. Innnnnn . . . . ooouuuttt . . . . .innnnnnn . . . . .ooouuuttt. This exercise I do is more for me to remember that life is more about breathing and being mindful of my place in this world, that this gift of being born and alive is just that: to be alive and to live this life the best way I know how. I do this exercise when I run and when I do, I notice the little moments of light caught between the bushes and the screech of the red tailed hawk soaring so high in the morning sky, not quite the deep blue that it will be later in the day, more of just the sleepy kind of blue that early morning skies have. I do this exercise while I'm parked in Lot 56, the gigantic parking lot on the university's campus, waiting for Joe to come down from the high school across the street so we can drive home in the late afternoon sunlight. While I'm waiting in my car with the windows rolled down, I listen to the Marching Razorbacks practicing, I hear the traffic along 6th Street, I hear the happy call of the Carolina wren hidden in the bushes behind the soccer stadium. 

It's these moments, the moments in between, that remind me of who I am and they bring me back to earth and give me pause. They remind me that cheerful birdsong, rich blue skies, lazy sunlight and the breezes playing with the tree branches were all here long before me, that the trifles that I worry about are insignificant. The sun, the skies, the breeze, the changing leaves, the beauty that surrounds me, these moments that I sometimes overlook, are here to teach me to look and to really stop and see. 

To breathe.

Innnnnn . . . . Oooouuuutttt . . . .Innnnnnn . . . . Ooouuutttt . . . 

My moments:

David had a birthday.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ. A four day motorcycle rally in downtown Fayetteville, drawing thousands of bikers from across the country and the world. Last year over 400,000 attended.

A new mountain bike for me (and for our little storm trooper).

A fun evening with the girls from the photography class I took last month. 

And all those in between moments that made me stop to wonder and to breathe.