All That Glitters

We're slowly coming back to life here in the Austin household, with Joe being the last to fall victim to the vicious strep that took out first me, and then David two days later. Poor kid just looks and sounds miserable. He's been home from school all week, including today, so I'm hoping that he'll be up to going back on Monday. And the good 14 hours he slept last night will surely help out, too. 

Routines have been thrown back into summer time mode, days lazing into each other. Without having time limits to my days this week, it's felt like a mini vacation. I took my first Photo Walk the other morning, the first one in quite a few weeks, Langley patiently waiting on the end of her leash while I took pictures of wildflowers hidden in shadows and bright red berries on low hanging branches.  I had a dentist appointment Tuesday where I had to be sedated because I'm a big baby when it comes to getting a crown put on, and Meghan and I had a Girl's Day Out Wednesday were we shopped and I took pictures of her pet, Sam the Cat in all his chilled out-ness. And to think he's still a kitten. My first "blogger crush" resurrected her blog, much to my delight, and I received the first post in nearly two years in my in-box yesterday. It was such fun to catch up with her and read about what's been going on in her life. Erika and I go way back to the very beginning of my blogging adventures in 2009 when I wrote my very first post. She helped me out in so many ways  and along the way, we became friends. I was very excited to read her humorous words once more. 


I've been asked to take portraits of a much beloved horse who is slowly dying from EPM, a neurological disease that horses can pick up through grazing or eating and drinking contaminated feed or water. The call for a local photographer to come take pictures of this horse was put out on an Arkansas women's photography group I belong to on Facebook, and I stepped up and said that I'd love to help out in any way I can. I can't imagine what the owner must be going through, seeing her treasured pet (but so much more than just a "pet") going through what he's going through. It's going to be hard, I'm sure, but any time I get around horses, Life just seems easier and better. They're such beautiful creatures. 

We've been having glorious afternoon downpours this week, leaving the roses and the grasses and the trees and the whole world sparkling and covered in diamonds. Fall is trying to move his way in, but Summer isn't going anywhere without a fight, thus the late day rains. I am ready, though, for fall, for cozy sweaters and boots, for open windows and colorful trees, for trips to the Buffalo River Valley to see the elk and to hike the trails there, for early morning fog and late day colorful skies. I welcome fall with open arms. 

I'm ready.