Project: Tulle Skirt

Last month, I signed up for an advanced photography class offered at our local camera store. It was to start the first Tuesday of August and run every Tuesday for the whole month. Our assignment that was handed to us that first night was to come up with a theme, an idea that could be carried through out the month long class. We could base our idea off a photographer that we admired, a subject, a color, anything really. It just had to be consistent for the month of August.

Also, it had to be something that was out of our comfort zone, which meant that sports and outdoor adventuring was out for me. 

The next day, I put on my running shoes and ran six miles to figure out this challenge (and also to blow off the First Day of School blues that I had to deal with when I dropped off Joe at the high school to begin his junior year that morning). As I ran, the idea of a tulle skirt kept dancing its way into my head and I couldn't shake it, so I, ahem, ran with the idea and let the different scenes develop as I trotted along.

Forty yards of tulle later (and a quick You Tube video showing me how to make this skirt), I had my tulle skirt finished and Meghan was willing to be my subject and away we went. 

These are the shots I submitted over the course of the first two weeks of class. I really had to think and figure out just what I needed to do to keep it original. It was quite a lot of fun (well, any time I get Meg in front of the camera we always have fun) and I managed to stay away from sports  . . . for the most part, anyway.

Week One: The Beginning

Week Two: Words

I couldn't help myself. I asked Meghan to perform some of her tae kwon do jumps and kicks in all that tulle and she happily obliged. And she still can kick higher than a six foot fence.