Little Red Riding Hood

A couple months ago, I ordered a burgundy cloak with imaginings of mysterious persons shrouded in mists in ancient forests standing on footpaths, their faces hidden inside the hood. I also had imaginings of girls running through fields at dusk, their blond hair cascading down the back of the robe, chased by some unseen creature.

In reality, Meghan donned the cloak and a vintage nightgown I discovered at my favorite thrift store, and the two of us headed out to Lake Wedington yesterday, about a 15 minute drive from my house. It was late afternoon and about 5,000 degrees, but the light was beautiful and it was peaceful out on the trails and we heard mysterious splashes in the water as we walked along finding good spots for me to photograph. Meghan was a trooper, wearing that hot cloak, wading in the water for me and even going barefoot.

The Tevas she was wearing just didn't quite go with the mood we were after. 

I still have imaginings of mysterious persons standing in foggy woods and girls running through the fields, the burgundy cloak flying out behind them, but those creations will have to wait. In the meantime, beautiful sunlight and a daughter willing to help me carry out my crazy ideas in 5,000 degree heat is more than enough. We had a ball.

And not one time did we see the Big Bad Wolf.