The End of Her Trail

There is a paved trail near our house that I like to run along or take Langley to walk and we visit it nearly every day. It's just a little over a half mile from our front door and is less than a mile long. It meanders along a little creek that in high summer is barley a trickle, but in late spring and early summer the water flows smoothly and deep. It's home to our resident heron and I've spotted a beaver and a muskrat a few times when I've run down the path in the late afternoons. Langley loves walking down there and if there aren't too many people about, I let her off the leash and she makes a bee line for the water, splashing about and scaring off any wildlife that may've been there. She comes back to check in (and to make sure I haven't left her) wearing a big smile before galloping off to explore new smells or to track any rabbits. I long ago dubbed this trail, "Langley's Trail" because she is always so happy whenever we go there. 

A few weeks ago, I spotted a small clump of wildflowers that a local neighborhood group had planted at the trail head. There were bright red poppies and cool blue bachelor buttons, red clover and small cheerful daisies. The contrast of all the different colors mixed in with the dark greenery of the grasses was really pretty and I knew I wanted some pictures of the small flower plot, especially before the delicate petals of the poppies were washed away by the heavy rains we've been having these last several weeks. After having lunch with David this past Tuesday, I stopped by on my way home, armed with my camera and my macro lens and played amongst the wildflowers at the end of Langley's Trail.