As of 10:20 yesterday morning, Joe finished his finals, his sophomore year of high school and summer break began. We celebrated with taking a maiden voyage in our new kayaks on Beaver Lake, with David borrowing a boat from a good friend of ours. 

He does love his boat so. He named his mountain bike, wonder if he'll name his kayak, too. I've already named mine "Betty".

We had monster rain storms all morning and it looked like our paddling might be rained out, but around noon, the sun fought her way through the dark storm clouds and the skies cleared and we were back on track. There is something so peaceful about being just mere inches above the water, the paddle dipping in and out, water streaming down the shaft and cooling bare legs, the sun warming your shoulders. Lakes smell good, too, like fish and camp fires and suntan lotion and pine trees. There aren't any noises coming from radios or cars driving by, just the sound of the wind blowing through the trees and birds singing and the far, far off sound of a motor boat. When your arms get tired, you can just let the little vessel drift with the current and observe the world about you. There isn't anything really quite like it, I think.

I think, too, we're going to have a good summer.