My Story

I come here with dreams of writing about big adventures, exploits rich with action and stories.  I dream of coming here to write words of wisdom, sage advice that you, the reader, will benefit from and think about as you go about your day. I come here wanting to tell stories of greatness and wonder at the sights I have seen. 

Instead, my life is full of little adventures, small exploits and small stories to be told. I have no words of wisdom or sage advice to pass along; all I have to tell about are the experiences that have shaped my past week. I'm sorry to disappoint, but my life is what it is. One day, perhaps, I will have big adventures and grand stories to tell. My life is is quiet, but full and rich right now.

My story to tell today is full of fly fishing and leftovers from a crawfish boil.

My story to tell today is about the little moments that make up an ordinary day.

My story to tell today is about a college graduation of an exceptional girl.

My story to tell today is one of kayaking with a new family friend who shared her kayaks with our family.

My story is calm and unexciting and not very grand, but the story is mine and it filled my week with goodness and laughter and love, and those are the best elements in a story.