Blink And It's Gone

The days that make up our weekend are so long to get here and yet are so quick to be over. We tend to fill them up to the brim, reaching to grasp every second of fresh air and sunshine that we can in hopes that that it will sustain us through till the next weekend, the next time we can plug in and re-charge. This weekend was no exception. David biked and fly fished, while I documented everything with my Nikon and my mental camera, which I think is the better camera at times. Joey was still nursing his sinus infection, so he stayed behind and slept and played computer games and kept the dog company. Meghan came over on Sunday needing some family time and the two of us had an impromptu photo session, the two of us coming home from the fields sneezing and with itchy eyes, the pollen that is rampant these days getting the better of us.

Sunshine and clouds, road trips and exploring, water and dirt, family and downtime. Enough to get us through the week.