Friday Wrap Up

"A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving".  ~ ~ ~ Lao Tzu

Okay, so maybe I didn't travel to exotic places this week, but I did travel about town this week via bicycle (and I really like that quote). There is something so freeing about being on a bike. If you're a bike rider, you totally get it, and even if you're not, remember back when you were little and you rode a bike then? Remember how you felt like you were the fastest person on the planet? A queen (or king) riding her gallant steed hell for leather downhill, wind whipping through your hair (nowadays with a helmet firmly covering said hair), wind driven tears streaming down your face, your stomach just a little bit in your throat because of how fast you're going and you might've been a tad bit terrified of the speed but you also didn't want to apply the brakes? 

That was me this Wednesday. 

But let me back up. Monday night, I got to hear the inspiring Brandon Stanton, the creator Humans of New York, the wildly popular blog he began over five years ago. And he is just as inspiring (and slightly goofy, but in an endearing way) in real life as he is on his blog. Stanton was a guest lecturer that the university sponsored through their Distinguished Lecture Series, a series of lectures totally free to students and the general public. Meghan and I went together and were pretty blown away by his talk. It really got me thinking about the pivotal moments in my own life, and not just the "normal" ones, like marriage or having kids. The moments that really changed my life are much more inconsequential at face value, but it's under the surface of  those inconsequential moments that some of my most life altering decisions have been made. Like I said, Stanton really got me to thinking.

I just thought the light was really pretty streaming in through the western windows of the auditorium where the lecture was held. 

Tuesday found me washing and scrubbing all sixteen of our windows for the first time in nearly six years, finally washing away Joey's big hand prints that had been on the front windows of my old office since he was in middle school. He used to ride his bike (again, BIKE!!) to and from school, coming up the driveway after school, propping his bike up against the house, sneaking into the garden just outside my windows, then, BAM!!! SLAM!! his big hands against the glass panes, causing me to shriek and hit the ceiling, the whole time he's grinning ear to ear. I used to be able to make out those big hand prints up until last winter with the condensation build up in the morning when I opened the blinds and I'd always smile. 

But the time had come to wash them away, so from 9:00 in the morning till nearly 4:00 in the afternoon that was all I did. But wow! It's amazing looking through clean windows again. You can see so much better!

Wednesday finally rolled around, my play day of the week. Wednesday is also known as "Momma Day", a day where it's my turn to play and do stuff that I want to do. This week I chose to ride my bike from home to Lake Fayetteville's Botanical Garden of the Ozarks. Three hours and 26 miles later (round trip), I had succeeded in my mission. 

My legs were very wobbly when I finally parked my bike in the garage.

 But what a ride it was. It was hot, but the breeze I created while pedaling helped cool me off and I took plenty of water breaks in the shade, as well as stopping along the way to take pictures of my adventure by bike. I do like my little red bike so. The leaves are just beginning to turn here and I think in a couple more weeks there will be a lot more color. The sky has finally turned that beautiful shade of blue that it turns during autumn, rich and a true blue. Everyone I met on the trail, either other bikers or runners or dog walkers all wore big smiles when they saw me, probably because I had my own silly little grin on my face that Dave teases me about when he sees me out biking. I'm telling you, biking brings out the kid in me. 

I do have some exciting news that I'll tell you about next week, but I need to put on some finishing touches first. Nothing much planned for this weekend, maybe a movie, maybe the first motorcycle ride of the season, definitely some more bike riding. I do know that Dave and I will sit outside tomorrow morning drinking our coffee and talking about whatever floats into our heads. 

Do you have anything exciting planned for the weekend? If you do, I sure hope you have a wonderfully fun time doing it!