Skater Boy

Saturday morning Dave and I decided to bike down town along the fantastic trail system that we have here in Fayetteville. In fact, the trail we rode along is part of a much longer trail that connects the four major towns here in northwest Arkansas. I think altogether, it's something like 32 miles long. You can bike, walk, run, skateboard, just about anything along the Razorback Greenway and not have to worry about cars and trucks and things that go faster than a bicycle; there's even a bike race and a running race called "Square to Square" where participants begin at the square in Bentonville (the most northern town along the trail) and bike/run to Fayetteville's square, which is the most southern town on the trail. Obviously, these events are not held on the same day and the start/finish line alternate each year. It really is something pretty special that all four towns decided to pitch in and build together. And the best part is, is that more trails are being built in other parts of Fayetteville that will eventually connect to the Greenway. Pretty cool.

Back to Saturday morning. Dave and I were sitting at Chipotle, having a Coke and people watching when a skateboarder across the street caught our eye. He had a buddy with him that was filming his tricks and stunts, so . . . . after watching for a few minutes and talking myself into it, I mustered up my courage and walked across the street, camera in hand, and asked if they'd mind if I took some pictures of the skater. They were more than happy to oblige, so I pulled up a square of parking lot, got comfy and began firing away. I learned that they'd been going at it for two hours already; in fact, the videographer admitted that he was ready to wrap up because he was getting pretty hungry, but his friend was so close to nailing his stunt and kept saying, "Oh come on! Just one more time!!" 

I totally got where he was coming from. 

After nearly 200 shots, I thanked them for letting me tag along and gave them my website address where they could view the photos later if they wanted to. When Dave and I got back on our bikes to head for home, they were still going at it. 

Like I said, I totally got where the skater boy was coming from.