Pear Apple Crisp Day

Yesterday, as I was planning out the week's menu and looking through one of my favorite cookbooks, I came across this recipe for Pear and Apple Crisp. It looked easy enough, and hey, it came out of "diet" cookbook so I could eat as much as I wanted and it wouldn't really count, right? I gathered the groceries and decided that I would make the crisp today, in spite of the rather warm weather we've been having this month (seriously, I don't think summer is ever going to leave northwest Arkansas). I was thinking about the recipe on my run this morning and I remembered how pretty the pears were that I had picked out yesterday at the store, how golden and warm they looked, and decided that I wanted to play with them first before slicing them up for the desert. After lunch, I broke out my lights and allowed myself only an hour to play before diving into the recipe. 

The pears were most cooperative. 

And there's only half of the crisp left after Dave, Joe and myself all tried it out after supper tonight. It is really good, and remember, it's from a healthy cookbook, so the calories don't count!