A Walk-About

Yesterday, much to my delight, I got to escape being a Grown Up and got to play with Meghan. She's begun a little personal project of capturing some iconic scenes around Fayetteville with a camera and she asked if I'd like to tag along with her, show her a few pointers, that sort of thing. 

Would I like to tag along . . . ! 

Armed with our cameras (she's using my second body) and wearing some good walking shoes, we hit the historic Fayetteville Square, home to the famous Farmer's Market, First Thursdays, countless high school homecoming parades and the beautiful Lights of the Ozarks (we noticed that the lights are already being strung in the trees around the Square). I've walked around the Square many, many times, have taken tons of photos there, but yesterday I noticed details that I'd never noticed before. Maybe it was being with Meghan or maybe it was just because I was slowing down and really thinking and seeing for the first time all the architecture and the nooks and crannies, all the effort that the builders had put in when they designed the Square. I'm not really sure, but I really liked what I saw.

And I really liked seeing what caught Meg's eye, too. And how much she takes after me with her shooting style, both artistically and physically.

If you made it this far, I hope you enjoyed seeing Fayetteville's Square through my eyes. Talk to you again soon!