Emily is a good friend of Meghan's and is a theatre major at the University of Arkansas. She had mentioned to Meg that she needed some new head shots for her portfolio, and would I be interested in taking them? Well, of course I would! The three of us met up at Wilson Park, THE park of Fayetteville, on Wednesday afternoon and I did my thing, Emily did her thing, and Meghan took some behind-the-scenes shots. Emily was wonderful to work with, she knew how to pose without looking posed and made my job a walk in the park (HEH!). It was an overcast day, a little chilly, but the light was beautiful for what we needed to do. It was so much fun that it didn't even feel like work. And Emily is just a cutie pie, even letting me know that if I ever needed a model, she'd be happy to model for me.

I could hear  AND feel Meg's sigh of relief as she walked behind me. 😏

Thank you, Emily, for letting me take your head shots and for having so much fun!

These are my favorites from the afternoon, with a couple of Meg's phone shots. And to see them larger, just click on the images. I hope you like them!