This Week

I thought about titling this post, "The World's Most Photographed Dog" in honor of a remark my FIL said a few months ago, but decided that was rather long for a blog post title.

But still, this post is rather chock-a-block full of photos of Langley the Lab. Let me explain.

Last Monday, I turned 50, my very favorite number because it is exactly smack dab in the middle of things. I had a terrific day full of trail running, afternoon napping and presents and cupcakes for supper. Among the gifts Dave and the kids gave me was a gate for my Jeep to corral Langley when I take her places. She's never been thrilled with car rides, preferring to sit in my lap and help me drive, which was fine when she was a little puppy, but now that she's full grown, she's a wee bit hard to see around. I've been wanting to take her other places for walks and also out to Lake Fayetteville for her to swim, but it was just too hard and we've just stuck to our usual walking routes around the neighborhood.

But this new gate is magic. Joe and I put it together Tuesday after he got home from school and Wednesday was the trial run. I made her a little nest out of her favorite blankets in the back of my truck then helped her get in (her back half isn't as limber as it used to be and she can't quite make it all in one leap like she used to do), threw in my camera bag and a couple bottles of water and off we went to Mt. Kessler for a day of exploring, hiking and, for Langley, getting to be a real dog at last.

Let me just say this: after hiking and playing and stopping for photo ops and water breaks, we came home four hours later filthy, muddy, tired, a little hungry, but so, so, so happy. I think the Birthday Fairy struck gold this year. I also think that Langley the Lab and I are going to be having lots and lots more adventures together. 

(click on image to see larger)


Another thing I did this week was to experiment with a low lighting technique that I came across in a PDF I was reading yesterday afternoon. The author posted a gorgeous photo of a pear she had taken with just the light from her MacBook Pro. Well, I didn't have any pears in the house (I mean . . . pears! Blech!) but I did have apples and I did have a MacBook and I did have a dark closet to play in, so I gathered everything that I needed and headed back to our closet to see if I could make the same idea work for me as well as it did for the author. 

I think it did. And just ignore the bites taken out of the subject. What can I say? I got hungry. 

I hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!