Just A Thought

Meghan is about to graduate from the University of Arkansas this Saturday AND turn 22 on the same day. As hard as it is for me to accept those two little facts, I can't fight the inevitable, so I'm handling it the best way I know how: I scrubbed the house from top to bottom today, washing windows, dusting blinds and even the ceiling fans. I moved furniture, touched up the walls in my old office and bagged all the wet leaves that somehow keep blowing onto our front porch. I bleached my kitchen counters and scrubbed my stove top, and thank goodness it was a mild day with a stout breeze blowing about because the fumes from all those cleaners would've knocked out Langley and me if I couldn't have opened all the windows.

As I was scrubbing away and talking to the dog as I am wont to do, I started thinking about the latest book I'm reading by Chris Orwig. It's a really good book, chapters are nice and short with little exercises you can do at the end of each (I haven't done any yet, but they give me food for thought on my runs the next day). Orwig is passionate about his career in photography, but he's also much more realistic and down-to-earth about it than, say, David duChemin, who touts leaving everything behind and go after whatever it is that makes you creative and to find your passion (which begs me to point out, with all these books out about finding passion and creativity, you'd think that surely by now SOMEone would've found Passion and Creativity, you know?). But the question I have, and I think it's practical and a reasonable one to ask, while you're out finding your passion and getting your creativity on, who's going to be picking up the kids from school, getting the groceries, scrubbing the house or walking the dog? 

Just something to think about on this December Tuesday. 😏