Random Thoughts On A Wednesday In November

Now that lawn mowing season is over, it is so quiet in our neighborhood. It's just downright deafening sometimes in the summer with rival lawn care companies and neighbors out mowing and weed hacking and clipping and blowing with the grass blowers. All I can hear now is the hum of the fridge and the wind dancing through the trees. Not even a bird is singing. 

Which leads me to my next observation. Lately when I've been taking Langely for walks in the late afternoon (my favorite time of day after early morning. Yes, I'm a early bird and darned proud of it!), the robins have been frenetic along the creek where we like to wander. Do robins migrate or something this time of year? Because they have been freaking out lately. Not that I'm complaining or anything because I do miss their cheerful songs during the dead of winter, but just wondering what their deal is this month.

There was a small plane crash that took place in front of our high school yesterday and it made the national news. My oh my, what a day Tuesday was. Joe was on the football field practicing with the marching band and saw the plane parachuting downwards and said that everyone whipped out their cell phones to start recording the slow descent. He also told me that they managed to get their chemistry teacher to talk about planes (he's a licensed pilot) for 45 minutes and how rare it really is for planes to have malfunctions. Joe was rather pleased to miss half his chemistry class lecture while learning about small planes.  The entire area surrounding the school was closed off to traffic, naturally, while the police and the FAA came and investigated, but the town was hopping yesterday! I'm so very grateful and thankful that nothing worse than what happened occurred. Kudos to the pilot for making it to the vacant field across from the school.

I have a giant holly tree just outside my office window that I have a love/hate relationship with. I love how pretty and cheerful it is during winter with all the bright red berries set against the deep green of the leaves, but I also have a deep seated hatred for the thing because when spring rolls around and it's time to plant my spring flowers and I've gotta weed out the little holly samplings that sprung up underneath the tree branches, well, let's just say that I contemplate getting out the axe every spring. Anyway, I looked out my office yesterday to see those little berries that had been green all summer are finally beginning to turn red. Guess it won't be long now till Christmas.

Hope you all have a beautiful rest of the week!