A Conundrum

Does this ever happen to you? You begin a book, get pretty well into it, then discover another, just as riveting a book, that you just have to read so you begin that one, too?

That happened to me beginning last month. I began Lindsay Adler's "Creative 52" , then read a few pages of "Picture Perfect Posing" by Roberto Valenzuela and began reading more of that. So far, I'm reading only two books, I can handle that. Well, then I began watching some of Peter Hurley's videos and decided that I needed his new book, so I ordered that and started on that last week.  Finally, I came across Adler's newest book, a collaboration with Erik Valind, talking about how to get the best shot in lousy lighting situations. Right now, it's sitting at my elbow whispering to me, "Read me! Read me! Read me!" What are the odds that by the end of this week, I'll be beginning that one, too?

Also, I always have to order my books. Gone are the days where I make trips to the library to check out books, much to my dismay, the reason being that I really can't stay awake for very long once I begin reading, so I've found that it's just easier to buy my own books and not have to worry about trying to finish a book by the date that it's due. I do miss my trips to the library, that place just smells so good, like childhood and long rainy afternoons.  Maybe after I finish this stack of books, I'll make a return trip and try some fiction for a change. 

What are some of your favorite books, and do you have any recommendations?