"Look for steam and a slight bit of juice coming out of the vents before removing the pie from the oven. Get your ear right down almost to the top of the pie and listen for the sizzle-whump, which some call the pie's heartbeat."

~ ~ ~ from the cookbook, "Art of the Pie" by Kate McDermott

The thought of a pie having a heartbeat, a "sizzle-whump", just makes me so happy. 


We were at the the bookstore last night for me to pick up a copy of "The Magnolia Journal" and some mountain bike magazines for me to study angles and compositions and ideas. I also wanted to look for a pie cookbook because I accidentally threw out the cookbook that had the BEST apple pie recipe. While I was perusing the baking books in one aisle, here comes David laden down with five different pie cookbooks, asking if there were any that I wanted. 

He really is the best husband in the world.

And I picked out two.