Sunday Slowdown

I had a productive walk this morning with the dog, figuring things out, resolving other things, and making plans for the week. When I thought back to yesterday, to the laughter and long talks we had together, a feeling of total relaxation washed over me and I felt like myself again, less harried and unfocused, more on an even keel. She has that effect on me.

I spent three hours in the gardens in the backyard this afternoon, long neglected gardens that have needed some love. I weeded and raked up the magnolia leaves and trimmed back the holly tree, the whole time the hummingbirds squeaking and fighting and humming overhead. I thought about things I want to plant next spring and summer, where to put the extra hydrangea bush, what I wanted to do with the house, who to call to make the fireplace not a fireplace anymore, the apple pie I want to bake and then re-photograph since I've lost the original file. I made a mental note to not pressure myself into trying to accomplish everything in one day as I am known to do. I decided to take a break from social media for a while and to make this blog be my primary blog. 

I think today was a very accomplished day.